Twitter’s unofficial English professor, a.k.a. Shashi Tharoor, may have just found his ideal student in ChatGPT. You see, only the chatbot can revert the MP in his ‘sesquipedalian’ lingo. (It’s an adjective for long words, people.)

Wondering how?

Well! Recently, Shashi Tharoor received a personalised Rajasthan Royals (RR) jersey as a token of gratitude for his unwavering support of the IPL team. He then tweeted a picture of himself wearing the jersey

So, RR’s social media team replied. And well, they used ChatGPT to draft a letter in a style befitting Tharoor. It’s hilarious. Take a look:

Rajasthan Royals Twitter

Twitter is IN on the joke. Here’s how people reacted.

EPIC Twitter moment indeed!

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