The emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.” – Shirley Chisholm

Look lady, I can say “It’s a boy”, but I think the parents will figure it out pretty soon. – Doctor

Frankly, I didn’t write this to piss people off, or to infer that Shirley is a pseudo feminist. All I want to convey is that not everything around you has a hidden sexist agenda. Some things are just pure innocent logic.The same quote can be interpreted in the way the author has probably meant it, which voices disappointment towards some evil preconceptions about the girl child. True feminism is probably about the equality of sexes. Most propaganda and hype is done by people who have little to no idea of what feminism actually means. Here are things that bring a bad rep to feminists, but are actually never said by them. Things that only a pseudo/social media feminist can say.

1. “She called him fat? Well, he IS fat!”

“What? He called her fat? That is female objectification!”


2. “How dare you objectify women, you ugly fat idiot!”

3. “RESPECT WOMEN! Offer her your seat!”

4. “Why ‘mankind?’ Why not ‘womankind’? English is sexist!”

5. “Women are better than men at everything! Including child bearing!”

6. “I won’t have a baby because it is sexist!”

7. “He broke up with her! All men are dogs!”

8. ” All men are dogs is just a joke.But never call a woman, a bitch!”

9. “The ‘Sun’ rhymes with ‘son.’ Science is sexist!”

10. “I will not cook because it is sexist!”

11. “Why only Mars mission? Just because men are from Mars? ISRO is sexist!”

All quotes above are made up and this whole article has been written in jest. But we need to take one thing seriously. Male or female, we’re all people in the end. So let’s just try to get along.