T. S. Eliot once said that “good writers borrow, great writers steal.”

Shobhaa De may have taken that a bit too seriously. 

Sky Word

Popular novelist and writer Shobhaa De courted controversy once again after she was called out by comedian Atul Khatri for copying his post on the Kashmir issue, reports India Today

Day After India

After the union government completed formalities to abrogate Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Khatri wrote a post on his Facebook account. 

He had said: 

Dear Amit Shah, Now that you have solved the Kashmir problem can you please remove some time and also resolve the Saki Naka traffic problem which is going on also since 1947. Regards, Akkha Mumbai. 

Maybe Shobhaa De wanted to speak on the same lines or maybe she was just tired, her tweet at around 7 pm on August 5 was an exact replica of Khatri’s FB post. 

Can you spot the difference? 

Of course the act of plagiarism may have been soon noticed by Khatri, who then took to Twitter to vent out his frustration. 

And, Twitter was not going to miss out on this opportunity.