All of us surely know this photo!


We made countless memes with this photo trolling many people online. 

Well, Twitter user Ernie Smith realised something staggering about the shocked girl in the picture.

 She is always shocked.

Like finding out that ‘Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai’ shocked!

Looks like she even told her friends about it and now they are shocked together.

Total disbelief!

Like finding out that none of your data is ever truly deleted shocked!

You aren’t best friends if you aren’t shocked together.

And what kinda person wouldn’t want to get shocked wearing a blue shirt?

Finding out that you’re a meme now. Shock.

Or just walking around with a red jacket. Shock.

Finding out that your leave has been cancelled.

Oh and getting shocked at nothing.

Too much shock in one photo.

Getting shocked with specs on.

BTW, thank you Ernie Smith for your kind gesture and hours of research.