I am of the firm belief that India is hands down, the funniest country in the world. Don’t believe me? Just step out to the market one day and take a look around at some of the signs above the shops. Our stores signs are often creative, sometimes inappropriate and always funny. Here are just a few.

1. How about some Status Update Chowmein?

2. How engineers end up in India.

3. Not sure how this works…

4. LoL. It’s Murg Donalds.

5. Roughly translates to “Hospital For Injured Shoes.”

6. In other news, Facebook Fast Food acquired Whatsapp Maggi Point for 10,000 rupees.

7. “Andar”wear. Because, you know, you wear it “inside.”

8. Either he’s out and proud or he has no idea what he’s doing.

9. I want some “cool ‘n’ crisp chikan!”

10. You’ll either get it or you won’t.

11. “Please don’t do ‘okay okay.'”This is one frustrated shopkeeper.

12. On the top, “Lioness’ Milk… Available here.”

13. Much discount! So cheap! Wow!

14. Hahahaha. “Notorious Egg Dudes.”

15. Sardar Fish ‘N Chicken. Made using Karnail Singh’s secret recipe.

16. Choley you just can’t wait for…