Dilli ki hawa mein kuch baat hai. Only this time, you do not want to hear it but it feels like someone just thrust a speaker down your ears. 


The air quality in the capital is beyond repair at this point and our lungs are soaking in it.

However, according to a report by India Today, the state government has decided to cancel all classes for students up to Std V. 

Which is nice, but, what about the high school kids? Why are they being subjected to the gas chamber (CM Kejriwal‘s very own words)? 

Why am I sitting in the office, writing this when smoking feels healthier than the air outside?

Let me get this straight. I am not complaining about std V students getting holidays. What I am very politely asking is why don’t the rest of us. Because trust me, the air outside looks worse than a desert storm.

So the only question that needs to be is asked is if the government keeps on using Boroline for wounds that need surgery or do they stitch and repair the fuck out of it and spare us the horror of a smokey holocaust?