Coronavirus has kept us inside our homes, more or less, for more than a year now. This means a lot of us have had to figure out how to work from home, using zoom calls. Now, given that our whole civilisation is built on trial and error, it’s not surprising that we have had quite a bit of these meetings go horribly wrong!

1. She should have ended him. Right there. 

2. Oh, my dude raps just fine. I just hope his teacher thought the same thing. 

3. The kid’s got no chill!

4. A whole new country. He just went to a class in a whole different country. 

5. When in doubt, always, and I can’t stress this enough, always wear pants. 

6. Dirty laundry has never been washed in a more public space!

7. Definitely not a fail. Dude’s a legend. 

8. He went through the entire court day with a cat filter on. 

9. Potato bosses are cool. Change my mind. Umm, wait, you can’t. 

10. Jesus was a pretty chilled-out person. Surely, he doesn’t mind. 

11. This child inspired so many memes. What a life it is going to be for them, literally growing up as a part of pop culture. 

12. You could be a senator of the United States but there’s absolutely nothing you can do if your cat doesn’t want you to work. 

13. This is just sad. 

14. Oh no Daniel, you fucking wanker!

15. Howard Walowitz, is that you? 

16. Again, always wear pants. 

17. Ehh.. good for them. 

18. Yo, that’s just rude.

19. Hadd hoti hai bhai!

20. Anyhow, here’s a lit bit of a compilation to see you off.

Thankfully, we still haven’t figured it out. So I hope, we’ll get to see a lot more of these.