If there’s one person who deserves the title of ‘absolute entertainer’ it’s the one and only Navjot Singh Sidhu. From reciting poems that are pages long to impossible one-liners, Sidhu is a treasure chest of awesomeness.

We have compiled the 30 best Sidhuisms which will make you go WOW for this man of words!

1. Arguing with Martin Crowe over the nature of wickets.

2. When Ganguly took a catch after the ball stayed in the air for a long time.

3. On Kaluwitharna’s slow batting rate.

4. During an India vs New Zealand match to Martin Crowe.

5. During a match where Team India was collapsing.

6. During another match where Team India was not faring well.

7. During yet another match where Team India was doing badly.

8. On cricket statistics.

9. Siddhu taking a potshot at Geoffrey Boycott’s lack of hair.

10. On Eddie Nichols, the third umpire, who gave a wrong decision.

11. Siddhu having another go at third umpires.

12. On the value of experience.

13. On a batsman getting bowled through the gap between bat and pad.

14. On a batsman who was completely out of form.

15. On Sachin not playing in a match.

16. On Ganguly running Rahul Dravid out.

17. On a dropped catch.

18. On Indian Cricketer Deep Dasgupta.

19. On a slow ball delivered by a bowler.

20. On Ganguly’s poor fielding.

21. On India’s home ground advantage.

22. On Balaji’s great bowling.

And now some general pearls of wisdom from Sidhu: