I have always looked up to icchadhari naagins. They are quirky, adventurous, passionate, and secretly- a reptile.

While I was unfortunately deprived of the last quality, I have come to realize that there isn’t much difference between me and them. 


So, I compiled a list of qualities for everyone who thinks they might be an icchadhari naagin. If the answer to most of these is a ‘yes’, it’s time you show your true colours to the world. 

1. You have mastered the art of balancing various aspects of your life. 

Just like an icchadhari naagin, you have learnt how to adapt to situations. You switch from a sanskaari kid during family functions, to an animal (you-know-when), in no time. 


2. You have a hell lot of attitude. 

If I am plan B, you are plan bye: This is basically the motto of your life because, naagins don’t like being treated as a second option.


3. If someone messes with your gang, it means they are messing with you.

You are overprotective about your fellow naagins and have thoughts about destroying anyone who tries to harm them.


4. You hate family functions.

You camouflage yourself with the couch during family functions so that no one can see you and ask, ‘beta shaadi kab karogi?

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5. You have been sex deprived for what feels like centuries.

You had tears in your eyes while watching the first episode of this season, where the naagin and her naag had sex for the first time in 100 years. 


6. You are vindictive as hell.

This is the driving force of an icchadhari naagin, so you probably still hold a strong grudge against that girl from high school, who took your pen and did not return. 

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7. You love attention and will do anything to get it. 

Remember how Shivanya turned into a naagin at her own shaadi ka mandap? You are that extra in life. 

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8. You live life on your own terms.

Who said a nayi bahu can’t gulp down a glass of wine? Please give me a break.


9. You have a tough (and scaly) exterior but on the inside, you are a softie. 

You fight for your rights and destroy people’s egos (spine, in case of an actual naagin), but you are all for cutesy, mushy romance. 


10. People think they know you but they are wrong. Sigh!

You have deep secrets that you guard with all your might, will and jaadui shakti.

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I am 10/10 an icchadhari naagin, and I don’t need a sapera to complete my life.