Every group has one single friend who hands out the best relationship advice. You go to them to rant, to whine, to overshare and when you just wanna be heard. And they, in turn, are able to provide you with gems of relationship advice. 

But, aise kaise? Today, I have taken it upon myself to shed some light on this paradox. 

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Just like every pav and bhaji needs nimbu, every pakoda and chutney needs chai, similarly every relationship needs single friend ki raaye (advice).

I hear wah wah sounds in the background. I’ll keep going.

Just like every double bed needs back support, just like every sandwich needs jam, similarly every couple needs a third wheeler frand.

On a serious note though, during tough and turbulent phases of a relationship, single friends are able to offer a distanced perspective. It might or might not be the best advice. Of course, only the people who are in the relationship know what's best for them. But when things get tangled, and perspectives are blurred with no solution in sight; alien opinion offers a different standpoint.

Secondly, us single folks value love and try to protecc it, considering apna to hai nahi

We are like that cool uncle/aunt who thinks of their nephew/niece as their own kid, and dotes on them. It’s a sweet thought, of course.

But then there are also single people who basically pull a Sonu every time their friends ask for relationship advice.

Don't be a Sonu, fellow singles. It's rule number #1 of the third wheeling rule book. 

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Like Charles in Jake and Amy’s relationship in Brooklyn 99, rooting for everything, bombarding them with gem insights. Although intrusive, but the point being, nobody stans like us single folks.

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Plus we have seen so many relationships around us, so much data collected in our mind, that we work as a conduit of relationship experiences, a carrier that transfers applicable relationship advice from one couple to another one in need. Matlab osmosis is a joke in front of what we do. 

Last but not the least, we never judge. I mean, seriously, you can spiral over the tiniest issue and we'll be there validating how you feel, fren.

Quora thread, on the same topic, also offered a threefold reason as to why single people give the best reltionship advice.

We’re the triangle that gives relationships depth. I mean basically without us, it would fall flat. 

(Look at that, we can turn everything about ourselves, too. Talent hi talent.)

Hence proved, via the logic of science and math, that we single people are the third wheels that keep the vehicle balanced and functional. 

Now you'll say, itna hai toh why are you single then? In our defense, comes this answer on another Quora thread.

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As a fellow single friend specialising in relationship insights said, we’ve basically experienced more relationships than anyone. And twitterati agrees, yo.

Now you’d think for all the work we do for free, they’d play cupid like Ranveer Singh played for Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan. But, no no.

Anyhow, the point of this article was basically to validate all the single souls with very committed friends, through something that's not even a percent about us.

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