With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and the internet flooded with posts filled with romance and love, it’s easy to find yourself thinking why there isn’t any conversation around being single on the day? What about the people who don’t have a significant other to celebrate the day with? Or even a romantic date to go on for Valentine’s? Well, luckily this time around, Twitter is housing a trend created especially for the single people out there. 

#SingleHainAkeleNahi began trending recently, and of course people couldn’t hold back from chiming in and expressing themselves. 

Because come on, being single doesn’t automatically mean someone is lonely.  Some people are happy eating a brownie and watching a good film all by themselves on V-day!


Take a look at how Twitterati is using the hashtag. From memes to simple but funny expressions on singlehood, it’s all here. 

Being single ≠ being lonely.