The discussion around British atrocities in India, and the consequent demand for reparations, apologies, or even a mere acknowledgement has long been the subject of debate.  

To that end, Twitter user TadgHickey posted a hilarious video depicting Britain meeting its old colonial conquests in a school-reunion type setting, and things get very awkward very fast.

The skit shows India and Ireland trading stories of misery in the ‘old days’, before a boisterous Britain barges in.

‘Britain’ then goes on to swig beer and wax eloquent about how happy it is about the divorce – referring to leaving the EU – and continually denies its colonial and racist history. The entire thing is brilliantly done, and he even tweeted about Shashi Tharoor afterwards!

The skit got a lot of praise for its hilariously incisive writing. 

Now that’s pure comedic talent!