If you’ve found that one special person who can make you smile even in the most monotonous of tasks, consider yourself lucky. For many on Twitter, it’s the copywriter from Slack. Yup, an anonymous Slack’s writer who has a way of describing updates that you’d look forward to giving away more of your device storage every week.

To make sense of what I wrote above, look at this now-viral tweet shared by Charles Etoroma (@chvrlesjr).

Apparently, iPad users of Slack had a faulty back button that did nothing when tapped upon. Upon fixing the error, the copywriter from Slack thought it’d be cool — and mind you, rightly so — to describe the update with a philosophical dig at it.

They equated the faulty back button with the linear nature of time; how in life, despite our earnest yearnings, we don’t get second chances. Time goes on “ever-forward, undeterred, unyielding.” Only they dismantled the real-world logic asking, “can you imagine if that were true?”

Slack copywriter makes a wholesome bug report update note viral on Twitter
Charles Etoroma (@chvrlesjr) – Twitter

You know, with all the noise around ChatGPT and how it may steal jobs, this little paragraph proves technology can’t ever know what it means to be a human. Updating an app is a very ordinary routine task, but this little description has the power to gouge out smiles. It’s like a random act of kindness from a stranger. It may have no value inputs to add to your day, but it’d definitely make you happy.

And aren’t we all striving to be happy in the end? That one emotion which seems to be evaporating in the chaos enveloping the world.

But it seems like Slack has been doing this for a while now. Another Twitter user responded to Etoroma’s tweet with a snippet of their latest update description. Have a look.

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that people are really loving this conversational and humourous way to announce ‘What’s New?’ Here’s what they are saying on Twitter.

I will choose this wholesome release note over tedious jargon-filled paragraphs all day, every day. Little things like these matter much. Eventually, we all seek that meaningful human connection, even if it’s in the form of an update note from a stranger we’d never meet.

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