There’s no dearth of strange sports around the world, so here’s another one for you. This one even has a subcontinental twist.

A sport called Slap Kabaddi, or Thappad Kabbadi exists, and it involves 2 large men in traditional attire slapping the ever loving shit out of each other.

Here’s a video of an iconic slap battle so you immediately have some context.

If your first reaction to that is, ‘How can he slap?!’, then I salute your taste. But back to the issue at hand – yes, this sport exists, and it’s apparently watched by hordes of people.

The strange thing is that nobody really seems to understand the rules. For the most part, it involves men slapping each other on the chest and face continuously until one of them has had enough. 

The victor then wins the spoils, in the form of money from the people around him. The loser walks off, gathering his shame, his loincloth, and the rest of the dust on the field. They don’t repeat the word ‘kabaddi’ such as in the traditional game.

There isn’t much known about this enigmatic sport, but the nice thing is that everyone seems to be having a great time, despite the incessant slapping. We want more!