Your boyfriend never has time for you? He zones out while you’re talking? He never takes you shopping and never compliments you? Tell me something new.

ALL boyfriends are wired the same way. You wish they’d understand you better but sadly, they don’t. There’s a simple solution to this: get a Smartphone!

We’ve got enough reasons to support our case:

1. Unlike your boyfriend, your smartphone comes with Internet. It will always give immediate and honest answers to all your questions.

2. Google Maps on your smartphone will never make you feel LOST.

3. Your smartphone’s camera will always flatter you and click as many selfies as you want it to.

And a smartphone with a PixelMaster Camera , will make you look like a rockstar!

4. It will always keep you connected to other boys and never feel jealous.

5. You can shut it off whenever you want to. (Wish my boyfriend had a “switch off” mode)

6. Your smartphone will ALWAYS function the way you want it to. You can rule it!

Rule over your phone in style, with new GloveTouch Technology !

7. You can always lock your smartphone and prevent the ladies from checking it out. Score!


8. With your smartphone you’ll never get bored while waiting. Wait, it won’t make you wait in the first place!

9. Your smartphone will always give you the best fashion tips.

10. It will give you better relationship advice than your boyfriend.

Girls, if you’re looking for an awesome new boyfriend, the new Zenfone from Asus is an absolute hottie!

My apologies to all the boyfriends out there. On the brighter side, you don’t have to be jealous of the other men in your girlfriend’s life anymore!