We love our smartphones. Staying in touch and staying updated about everything under the sun had never been this easy! But I’d be lying if I said smartphones come only with advantages!

These are some of the most annoying things people (count me in) do with their smartphones:

1. No matter where they are and what they do, they will click selfies.  They will click photos with their family, their pets, their friends, the friends’ pets, the commode, so on and so forth.

2. Well, if selfies weren’t enough, peeps also like to capture their food-moments! Wonder if they’ll start clicking their poop once the #instafood fever is over.

3. Some people click everything. ANYTHING!

4. I really wish that those people who text while walking, having no clue of their surroundings, should all fall in a pit. And then someone should shoot that.

5. The worse are those who can’t stop playing games even when they have company. They NEED to beat their own high score. Because, duh! Their life depends on it.

6. Even if we’re middle of something exciting, like plotting someone’s murder or planning a trip to Mars, we excuse ourselves to check a message from Vodafone.

7. Google does come handy every now and then, but when you cross-check EVERYTHING your friends says with Google, it’s annoying.

8. To some, their smartphone is an extension their arm. Being without a one becomes a disability.

9. The anxiety of their battery running out, turns them into a loudspeaker. They freakishly ask EVERYONE around if they have the patli nib waala charger.

10. Some people have a solution to every problem life puts them in, and some have an app for it. Communication, gaming and dating. You name the activity and these guys will know exactly which app to use!

11. Even if the phone hasn’t buzzed, we compulsively keep checking for notifications.

12. Logic says, we should keep our phones on silent at certain spots. But I guess logic is illogical to most people. In classrooms, meetings, movie theatres… it’s unusual not to hear a loud obnoxious ringtone at least once.

13. And how can we forget those who ALWAYS start texting people when they are drunk!

Dammit! No battery left. Charger hai kya ?

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