Nobody flows through the river of life quite like Snoop Dogg. Everything he says has rhythm, and every move he makes reverberates with the utmost of swagger. In fact, there should have been a category in the Olympics just for Snoop to outsnoop himself. 

While he’s not in the Olympics however, Snoop Dogg did sit down with Kevin Hart recently to comment on some videos of the athletes in Tokyo. Get your gin and juice ready, ‘cos he things are about to get lit!

Snoop just said that horse was Crip walking. For those who don’t know, the Crip Walk is a famous dance move used by members of the Crip Gang.

Here’s an example of what a Crip walk is – 

And here’s another video of the dynamic duo dropping it like its’s hot.

People online were obviously loving it, as you can see from the comments. 

Snoop Lion’s got me dyin’.