We introverts are a breed apart. We don’t (can’t) lead their lives like others. We are private people who love our own company. But there are times when we need to (read: are forced to) talk to people and that’s when these hacks will come handy.

1. Start every phone conversation saying your battery is about to die so that you can hang up without giving a warning.

2. When you are in the middle of a phone call and want to hang up, switch on the airplane mode. The other person will see ‘call failed’ and not know that you hung up.

3. You can try going out without glasses or contact lenses so that you don’t have to pretend that you are ignoring people you know.

4. Always wear a cap and mask. This way nobody will recognise you in public.

5. Do crazy things to scare your neighbours away.

6. Going to a party? Follow these steps.

7. Wear a headphone even if you are not listening to anything. It’ll save you from people.

8. Start by telling people how they can make money from home in spare time and they’ll run away.

9. Hats and sunglasses will also work.

10. Always keep back up snacks in your room, because guests come uninvited.

11. Want to prevent people from sitting next to you? Invite them to sit.

12. Ignore people’s texts from the notification bar.

When nothing else works, just run.

Enjoy avoiding people and small talks. You can thank us later.