Social media is tricky territory. You post something and people take it in a different sense (minus any context). And then they bombard your inbox with either hate comments or words of wisdom. You always have to choose your words wisely. Like I said, it’s tricky territory.

But then there are these daredevils who threw all caution to the wind. Or maybe they had no idea how social media works. Whatever the reason may be, the results were hilarious. And that’s all we care about. Check ’em out.

1. Blue tick ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesss babu!

B P Chaube

2. Dil abhi bhi jawan hai!


3. You’re funny! Just kidding.

The wrap

4. Kitne ajeeb, rishtey hain yahan pe.

Asif Raza Rana

5. Don’t like iPhones? Don’t tweet from an iPhone.


6. Reason why you should always double check your links.


Little wonder then, that the US Airways’ Twitter account is now closed.

US Airways

7. Twenty five percent off on everything black! WTF!


8. When fashion giant Armani mistook actress Alfre Woodard for Idris Elba.

Huffington Post

9. You think tweeting about somebody’s dead grandma is bad? Try tweeting about Obama’s dead grandma.


And of course they had to tweet an apology later on.


And then do some more damage control.

Our social times

10. Threaten the American Airlines they said. It’ll be fun they said.


11. Shit gets real when Dr. Phil needs help.

Jazmin Hupp

12. I think Naomi meant Malala.


13. Susan’s what? #Analbum.


14. Abhijeet is great with Twitter, said no one ever.


15. Make sure you don’t have a mirror in the background the next time your ‘bae’ is clicking your picture.

Success with Kirk

Get a tutorial asap, people.