Facebook and Twitter are like the fairy godmother! We keep posting status messages and tweets asking for random things to come true in life. Here are 10 such random wishes all of us make on social media:

1. In the same lift as Ranbir Kapoor. Can’t believe it. Hope he notices me!

2. No time to prepare for the exam. Please God! Let the question paper leak!

3. Results out today! Hope dad is in good mood today otherwise somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad!

4. Hope the Internet stops working! Don’t feel like working today!

5. Inn bowlers se kuch nahi hoga. Now toh only rain can save us. Please God let it rain!

6. Late for work because of mad traffic. Boss will kill me. I really hope he’s also stuck in this jam somewhere.

7. I’m so broke. Pocket money is over. Hope my grandfather visits me soon!

8. I hope the pizza delivery guy gets stuck in traffic so that I don’t have to pay him!

9. Wish I had a girlfriend. Stag entry is so expensive!

10. I don’t think the universe wants me to buy pants!

It is very likely that the 1st 9 wishes may never come true, the 10th one has an interesting story. Check out this video, it really helps to tweet. So keep tweeting!