Love is a feeling that usually can’t be expressed in just a few words. And while expressing it verbally may be hard for some, it is possible to show it through pictures.

Some photographers from all over the world have collected some loving pictures, showing love and affection not only among humans but also among animals. Here you go. 

1. Love is forever

2. Love is protective

3. Love beyond the grave.

4. Ageless Love

5. A mother’s love

6. Brotherhood

7. The world is okay when you’re in your mother’s arms.

8. No words!

9. Pure.

10. What a cute couple!

11. Adorable!

12. True friendship

13. Love. Care. Purity.

14. Love is labour.

15. The one, forever!

16. This giraffe’s first day of life.

17. Love finds its way.

18. Grandma 🙂

19. Unconditional.

20. There’s no love like a mother’s love.

21. Snail kiss.

22. Love is love.

23. Always with you.

24. Humanity.

25. Love and happiness

26. Adorable.

27. Caring for each other.

28. You will forever be my always.

29. Friends share a lovely moment.

30. Wonderful.

31. Be mine forever.

32. The love and care of father.

33. A priceless smile.

34. Praying for peace and love.

35. Lovestruck!

36. Never let you go.

37. Family love.

38. Sharing is caring.

39. This is love.

40. Love does indeed make waves.

These photos are from #Love2019 Photo Contest by Agora Images. It has been providing Contest since Agora Images 2017, which is also given prize money to the winner.

Love is all about these little moments!