How much actual chips does an actual Rs 10 packet of chip do you think has? I mean, it’s very little but it’s not like we actually know how much it actually has. Whatever amount we are thinking about, end of the day, it’s just a theory. 


This is where Reddit comes into the picture. SisyphusIsNotAMyth recently posed a picture titled ‘An empirical analysis of ten rupees chips packets Ft. Lays, Bingo, Haldiram’. 


This led to a very spirited conversation about… well, chips!


Some people got a nostalgic. 

Anyone remembers FunFlips and OYO’s ?


A lot of people got very emotional about Balaji chips, which seemed a little stage to me in the beginning because I don’t think we have had it up North!

Few others rightfully praised Bingo’s chilli flavour. Because god damn, that shit was good. 

Many others, however, stayed on the topic of Lays having more air than chips in their packets. 

I could post so many other screenshots here but that would be really problematic. So if you want to read the whole thread and you should, please find it here