McDonald’s Chicken Mac burger and ice cream are delicious by themselves but, someone just decided to combine the two and we aren’t sure how to feel about it. 

Twitter user Darshan Pathak shared a video on social media and you can clearly see the burger being chopped and made into a keema kind of paste by adding milk and cream to it. 

This questionable dessert is being offered by Chaudairy ice cream parlor in Pakistan that serves handcrafted instant ice cream made right in front of you with fresh fruits, chocolates, sauces and almost anything that you can imagine of your choice with 0% preservatives. 

No prizes for guessing, this unusual combo is making the internet uncomfortable. 

There are several outlets of this ice cream parlor that you can visit if you want to give this combination a try. Click here to follow them on Instagram.

Will you dare to try this combo?