A few years ago, there was a thread on Quora, asking if Indians would ever use toilet paper. While it was weird and stupid, we, desi folks won that round. 

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Damn Westerners have some serious issues with washing their butts after a poo, man! Which would explain their obsession with bidets or faucets! 

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Cut to 2020, and we have another such thread on Reddit. Now while the first one was stupid, this is just plain weird. This is a thread about how people clean their buttholes! Some people just never learn!

Even when Indians very passionately explain to them the benefits of washing your butts. 

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That is quite possibly the best explanation for this ridiculous question ever. That should have solved it. But nope! Someone had to go on and be stupid again!

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The question was first asked by Redditor Grizelll

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But unlike the responses on the Quora thread, this took a very unexpected turn!

ProGralicFarmer wins this round! Easy!

Meanwhile, as the thread races towards who's more disgusting, Enhanced_Calm_Steve has been using the ancestral method of just letting it go. 

If there's a westerly breeze, I just stick my butt out the window. If not, I use TP, about 20% of what I used to use.

Meanwhile, HippleNunter says:  

Cats usually work well. Or u scoot ur ass across the carpet like a dog...I don't recommend this option on hardwood floor or tiling

Funny how toilet paper-people have no idea how to use water!

I am not going to go through this anymore. You can just see the whole thread here.

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This has bee a really weird few minutes. I hope we find a vaccine soon so that people can go out again.