Recently, a challenge to quote a controversial food opinion served as the perfect opportunity for people to say things nobody wants to hear out loud. Things like loving pineapple on pizza. 

People were quick to make the most of the opportunity to shell out opinions that were straight out of hell. 

But Tom Nichols, who is a professor at the U.S Naval War College and is best known for speaking his mind out, said this hoping to rattle a few feathers in the Indian sub-continent. 

While on other days, criticizing anything Indian would’ve made a lot of people upset and angry but in this case Nichols was particularly looking to spice-up everyone’s reaction. 

Some people had already sharpened their knives to answer Nichols.

There were others, however, who didn’t take the bait. 

Though Nichols tried to pretty hard to offend a few Indians, the netizens had too much belief in their cuisine to believe any outside opinion or criticism.