If you’re a 90’s kid who loves biscuits, let me ask you something, which were your go-to butter cookies that you could buy from your own pocket money? Well for me, the concept of cookies in Indian households is synonymous with Britannia’s Good Day. 


Twitter user Harsha known for his handle ‘Tapanguchi’ recently shared an observation and a common link between our favourite biscuit, God Day and our go-to music platform Spotify and the connection is just so unreal!

Yup, you got that right folks, Spotify’s logo has the same semi-circle smilies as the ones on Britannia’s Good Day cookies!


In good spirit and with an aim to make 90’s kids nostalgic, Spotify stepped up their game. Spotify’s verified-account on Twitter changed their profile picture. 

 Yup, it is a zoomed-in picture of a Good-Day cookie, smiling right back at you!

And their caption perfectly captures everybody’s stumped mood, right now. 

Honestly, after the viral tweet, it feels like Britannia and Spotify are in an adorable relationship and their PDA is making me smile harder than the semi-circle crinkles on a Good Day cookie. 

Netizens reacting to this accurate observation is everything: 

Dammit! Now every time I look at Spotify’s logo I’ll feel like munching on some Good Day cookies and every time I eat a packet of Good Day, I’ll be seeing the upside-down smiles on Spotify’s logo.