Warning: This is going to be awkward!

Alright then. We are all adults. So I guess, it won't be too difficult for us to admit that us Indians have had a fascinating relationship with navels. 

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Notice how I said 'have had'. See that would be okay. Hey, I am not judging. I am just saying, apparently we still do!

You don't have to admit it. The proof is there on the internet. It's on fucking Quora!

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Also, I don't know how 'Related Questions' on Quora work, I am willing to bet that someone's had to ask those questions for them to be there. 

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Oh, and by the way, the question also has a few answers. 

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First of all, that's a fake account. We gotta get on board with that. That's gotta be a dude. We are men. We are disgusting. 

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Look, at least that dude used a fake account. This guy didn't even bother. Like, who cares!

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And this man's a CEO! We blurred his name, obviously. But good god!

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At this point, I am just beginning to judge a bit. Also, I blame it on the internet. 

I mean, look, back in the day, if you had a weird fetish, you probably just kept it to yourself. You wanted to smell your own farts, you kept it to yourself. Because you thought you would be singled out!

Now, you're on the internet and there's a whole community of dudes smelling their own farts!

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Case in point, the subject of this article. And can you imagine, Good Samaritans read that question, took a bit of time, thought about it, probably used Google images, made up a category to rank navels and posted the ones they thought were the best? 

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I ain't got much to say about this! And I am trying so hard not to judge but as you can probably tell, much like Clarence at the end of 8 Mile, I am failing to find words here, my dudes!