Keeping aside the apologies your ex owes to you, this strange incident outside school premises will baffle you. Someone in Bengaluru scribbled ‘sorry’ outside school premises, and we have a lot of questions just like you! So read on.


As per reports, the miscreants painted sorry outside Shanthidhama School, located in Sunkadakatte. In bold red letters, sorry was painted on the streets, the school stairs, walls, and the school premises. 

While the reason for this incident is still unknown, the CCTV has captured two men in the guise of delivery boys. The footage show them carrying food delivery bags, and they were seen taking the paint out and writing ‘sorry’ all over. 


The DCP of West Bengaluru Dr. Sanjeev Patil said:

Two bike-borne persons were seen in the CCTV footage. Efforts on to identify and trace them.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have predicted a love story in this situation, and here are some hilarious responses for you to chuckle at. 

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