Ah yes, fans of teenage drama, assemble. You read the headline, you have a faint idea of what this is about. That said, you are prepared for this.

In what appears to have been a class, Sid, a boy who appears to have been from South Bombay, judging by the level of snobbery, decides to go after Vinayak, whose dad reportedly earns less than Sid’s servant. 

Let’s not sugarcoat this, this is a dick move. Sid is a rich brat who dozed off at that time his parents were talking about manners. Had he been born in the 90s, Sid would have made a decent Roadie. These days though, Bigg Boss seems eerily suitable for a man of his talents. 

Twitter has also been losing its collective mind over this juvenile crap. 

This is lowkey sad but also a little funny. Not to Vinayak, I am sure. Anyhow, do people born after 2000 really talk like this?