Not only did we Indians invent the Zero , we also invented Special Effects. Yeah, seriously. And ever since, we’ve been putting them to good use. Even God cannot defy the laws of gravity, but Indian movies respectfully disagree. In these rare videos, the protagonists bend and break every rule of physics as they try to rescue their loved ones, an aeroplane and a rabbit. Yes, a rabbit.

And just in case you’re wondering whether to watch these videos or not, you totally should. They’re really short. You’ll have all the time in the world to surf porn later on. Come on, be a sport.

Now, with the blessings of Shri Shri Rajinikanth, let’s begin.

1. Damn! Had I been more focused in my gymnastic classes, I too would’ve been able to do this.

2. After watching this, Hawkeye locked himself in the bathroom and cried like a 6 year old.

3. That’s how you should greet your childhood friend the next time you see him/her.

4. Featured here, is the Great Indian Bouncing Man.

5. Rest in peace, Shaolin soccer.

6. Surprise, MoFo!

7. The next time I forget my charger at home, this is exactly what I’m gonna do.

8. This hero saves a poor rabbit. Oh wait…

9. This guy breaks the villian’s neck single handedly. Like seriously, with a single hand.

10. While Bipasha can light a ‘ beedi ‘with her ‘ jigar’ , Rajinikanth can do the same with his eyes.

11. Such co-ordination. Much satisfaction.

12. When ‘Saw’ meets ‘The Fast and the Furious’, this happens.

13. That’s what happens when you get kicked by Mithun’s soccer shoes?

14. Remember Road Rash? Well here’s the live Indian version. Enjoy.

Seriously, the epicness just doesn’t end.

15. Featured here, a really distant Indian cousin of Magneto. How did he do that?

16. Well now you know why South Indian men keep a moustache.