You think you are a good observer? Not sure? Lets put your observational skills to test and find out. 

Here’s a simple, yet interesting challenge for you that was posted on Twitter by the CIA

So, put on your detective hat and spot 10 differences in this photo given below. 

Okay, here’s a clue. The picture on the top has a bunch of flowers that are yellow in colour on the extreme right but, the picture below has a bunch of flowers that are red in colour. 

Go ahead. It’s your turn now. 

You might think ‘this is so easy’ but, trust me, after spotting 8 differences, finding the last two will take patience and some really good observational skills. And, the internet agrees too. 

While some found less than 10 differences, others spotted more than 10. How? I have no clue. But, apparently, there are chances that one would spot more than 10 differences. 

And, for those who’ve successfully managed to do that the CIA says they’ve practiced good tradecraft. 

Of course, there were those who got all 10 right. 

Also, please be true to yourself, I am sure you’ll want to scroll down the comments section on Twitter and see other peoples answers but, that’s not cool, okay? No cheating! 

Please feel free to flood our comments section with your answers. We’re waiting!

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