I can’t be the only one who’s compelled to solve ‘99% people gave the wrong answer’ puzzles on WhatsApp family groups as if falling in that 1% is gonna get me a degree. But hey, someone explain this to my mom!

I’d rather invest more time on the last pages of a tabloid, something that has enticed me since school days. 

This brings me to the digital reincarnation of these can-you-guess-it games that somehow still manage to make people stop and break their heads BUT not leave without answering. 

This man on Twitter has shared a picture challenging people to ‘spot the snake’, wait no… you can’t point out on your friends..

The struggle is real.

Some tried hard to figure out..

Some are self-declared winners..

Worth the pain, isn’t it?

Some are dropping truth bombs..

While some don’t play the game but make the rules.

In case you really want to test your eye sight, you can visit to your nearest ophthalmologist. Just sayin’.