A Twitter celebrity and a master of puns, Ramesh Srivats is the creator of the ‘IPL Fantasy League’. He completed his engineering from IIT, Madras and his MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad; he resembles Sanjay Dutt from Agneepath, and still manages to be a cool (old)guy.

His tweets have won him the Best Indi Microblog award. His opinions on politics, cricket and life in general are worth sharing. Also they’re funny. So here’s a compilation of his tweets that show up on Twitter, currently.

1. Politicians in general

2. BJP bashing

3. Congress bashing

4. AAP bashing

5. Yeah. Do that.

6. Oh, that’ll be painful.

7. Old but bold

8. Apply purified water to burnt area.

9. Those are your choices.

10. She’ll take them all.

11. ‘ Didi rules

12. That’s as good an explanation as any.

13. Pratibha Patil- ‘The traveller’

14. 3 Levels of Mumbai

15. Nemo sad.

16. Scotland independence referendum

17. Hate speech science

18. Dhoni doesn’t take singles.

19. Truth of life

20. Humans be like…

Because Twitter does not allow you to see all his tweets, you can check his older stuff Here

P.S. : This article has not been sponsored by anyone. Not at all. Not even a buck. Shame.