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Feb 20, 2015 at 14:32

22 Times When Shahrukh Khan Was Possessed And In Need Of Exorcism

by Shashwat Maheshwari

There were times when Shahrukh Khan was just not himself and everyone wondered what was wrong with the weirdo. After a little research, we found out that it had something to do with supernatural powers. Take a look at the undeniable evidence we collected!

1. Shahrukh possessed by an African goat.

2. Shahrukh possessed by 'Angry bird'.

3. Shahrukh possessed by one of the Smurfs.

4. Shahrukh possessed by Hitler.

5. Shahrukh possessed by Captain Jack Sparrow.

6. Shahrukh possessed by Bruce Lee.

7. Shahrukh possessed by his ' Subzi wali '.

8. Shahrukh possessed by Antara Mali who wants to become Madhuri Dixit.

9. Shahrukh possessed by a fox that is in turn, possessed by a fish. 'Posse-ception'!

10. Shahrukh possessed by a Chinese Cowboy.

11. Shahrukh possessed by a post-graduate.

12. Shahrukh possessed by a pimp!

13. Shahrukh possessed by a footballer celebrating a goal.

14. Shahrukh possessed by Medusa.

15. Shahrukh possessed by Katrina Kaif.

16. Shahrukh possessed by Karan Johar.

17. Shahrukh possessed by Shahnaz Husain.

18. Shahrukh possessed by Shiny Ahuja.

19. Shahrukh possessed by a husky.

20. Shahrukh possessed by an adorable starving African kid.

21. Shahrukh possessed by a South Indian sheep.

22. Shahrukh possessed by Karunanidhi.

Oh, unholy spirits! Leave King Khan alone now, will you?

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