Much is made of Shahrukh Khan’s brand of romance. People swear by his dialogues and moves. But we forget that he is employing those in an unreal world where the only way out for his love interest is to reciprocate his love. Where on Earth would any sensible girl be charmed by these means?

Don’t try to follow his example because it could land you in grave trouble. Here is why :

1. First impression is the last impression. And he would like you to believe that introducing yourself like this is cool :


2. T his absolutely absurd touchstone to measure love will get you slapped someday.


3. His definition of love is simple and sweet…


4. …and SO flexible, that it can change based on the clothes and hairstyle of a lady.

Long hair and short clothes? Bring it on baby!


5. What can you say about a guy who thinks stalking, writing love letters in blood, self-tattooing your crush’s name on your body is all pretty cool?


6. Of course he knows what ‘no’ means. ‘No means Yes.’

7. According to him, it is perfectly fine to murder a lady to get with her sister.

8. He does not see any merit in sticking to one’s word.


9. His idea of ‘compliments’ can end a relationship before it starts:

10. He has this weird, really weird ‘theory about girls.’

11. He has no respect whatsoever for other people’s time or life.

12. He will teach you how to creep out women, like :

Unfriending Raj and Rahul.