Vegetarians are the butt of most jokes in a group. And they have heard it all.

Tu ghaas-phoos pe zinda kaise rahta hai?” 

Gobhi and paneer can never replace chicken, ever!”

Comedian Vaibhav Sethia tells us how his environmentalist friend has found another theory to why being a vegetarian is bad for the environment. Move over clichéd jokes on vegetarians, because this one comedian has pretty much got it right. 

And not just vegetarians, Sethia goes on to list why pilots basically do ‘nothing’ and usually f*ck with us, in the name of ‘turbulence’. And oh, the agony of staring out of the window, and looking at nothing. 

And let’s not even talk about bikers and their constant bhud, bhud, bhud.

You can watch the hilarious video here

Design Credits: Gauri Saxena