The one thing every North Indian who goes down south complains about is “Yaar wahan koi Hindi hi nahin bolta hai!”

It’s true. And we’ve all, at some point of time or the other, asked our South Indian friends the same question. 

And gotten no concrete answer.

But the wait’s finally over. We finally have an answer. And it’s given by a Chennaite called Aravind SA.

Aravind SA

In his new stand-up act titled Madrasi Da, stand-up comic Aravind SA busts some myths surrounding Chennaites. 

One of them being that they don’t know Hindi.

But if they know Hindi, why don’t they speak it?

Well, turns out it’s payback for Chennai Express and lungi dance.

Yeah, thanks, Rohit Shetty. 

Aravind SA

But why such strong hatred for the song lungi dance and the film Chennai Express?

Well, check out the whole video right here and find out.