You know, Bengalis are the most chilled out people out there. We eat rice and then always take some time out for our afternoon slumber. In the evening, we discuss football, communism and world politics. That’s pretty much it.

Ayan Khasnabis

Although being a box-office success might be the in thing now but we can’t do anything apart from make good cinema and food. We’re the best in a lot of fields that depend on having a cultured outlook at life. With Bengalis leading the path with their brilliance in so many fields, one would expect the stereotypes attached to them to be a little… you know… evolved?

But nope! It’s always the same – “ami tomake bhalo baashi!” What the flying fuck, guys?

TOI Kolkotha

Every person you meet thinks they know your culture because they’ve seen a few Satyajit Ray movies and they can say these three words? You think rosogulla is the only sweet you need to know? 

India Forums

Please note that I don’t have a problem with cultural appropriation. Heck, I don’t mind anyone doing anything. Just be a little creative, no? Try putting in that extra bit of effort every time you’re trying to have that friendly banter.

How about I scream “Brrrrruuuuuuahhh!” or “butter chicken” at Punjabis?

Or just scream “dhokla!” at Gujaratis. Actually, I won’t make fun of Gujjus. They are vegetarians and can’t have alcohol in their state. Their life is bad anyway and I don’t want to contribute to it.


No. ‘Jaul khaabo‘ isn’t a valid reply either. Neither is ‘rosogulla khabo‘.

Yes. I’m looking at you. You know you’ve said it before but I’m asking you to stop doing this. 

The Guardian

This lack of effort into the ever-increasing roast culture makes me angry. So much so that someday I’ll lodge my foot so far up someone’s arse that whoever is able to retrieve my shoe will be named the King of England.

If you are trying to go the distance with being pals, please take some time and learn some other Bengali things that are equally funny. Make fun of Marx or something. You’ll definitely get a few bonus marks (get it?) for your effort.

J Cooking Odyssey

This is a bad stereotype and joke that is super old. Come up with something new. Something innovative. Maybe then, you wouldn’t get hurt.