There are people who wouldn’t quit their job because they have to make a cover letter – and then there are people who quit because they want to sleep.

Those are the two extremes of corporate world and while that is the end of the respective end of the spectrum, something not commonly seen in real life, stuff like this does happen. If these reasons to quit are anything to go by.

1. That’s a deal-breaker right there.

2. Their family dinners must be awkward.

3. “Am I going to take a cab every day? Don’t think so.”

4. Don’t we love people who have their priorities in place?

5. Wow, people really out there quitting for drugs. 

6. La La Land – corporate version.

7. Seems legit to me.

8. Yes, that’s embarrasing. I would have done the same.

9. Umm, did they think anyone can get through a shift without looking at memes?

10. No compromise with gym hours. 

11. What a strange expectation for the management to have.

12. The things you do for love.

13. It’s called the thief’s pride. Look it up.

14. Felt this one in my soul.

15. “What do you mean I have to finish my hours?”

Here are some other answers based on a report from Fortune.

16. So their corporate career ‘peaked’?

A staff member left to climb Mount Everest.

17. Hard to work your way throught that one, I agree. 

Someone left because her boss lost the dog she had given him.

18. I feel represented.

The worker told us he just couldn’t get up in the morning.

Reminds me of the guy who faked his own kidnapping to get away from working. A Legend.