However, there are some bizarre school rules in the world that might shock you. From not letting you make friends to mopping and scrubbing the washrooms, here are some of the weirdest school rules from around the world!

There’s no doubt that there are a gazillion memories that are associated with the word school. We just miss that time, even the silly rules and regulations that had to be followed.

1. Students cannot make best friends in school. 

That’s right! Friends play an important role in our school life. However, can you imagine if your school banned having best friends? No, right? Well, Thomas’s Battersea, a UK-based school, banned having best friends to protect students’ feelings.  

2. Students cannot raise their hands during a class. 

Samworth Church Academy in Nottinghamshire banned the age-old practice of raising hands to answer a question as the same set of students kept raising their hands and it didn’t encourage the other students in the class. 

3. Teachers cannot use a red ink pen to grade student’s papers. 

Remember how our entire notebooks were filled with red markings by our teachers? Well, Mounts Bay Academy in Cornwall banned teachers from using a red pen to grade papers because it’s apparently a ‘negative’ colour. They were asked to use green ink pens instead. 

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4. A school imposed a no-contact ban on students. 

A high school in London had banned its students from all forms of physical contact including hugging, shaking hands and giving high-fives in order to prevent bullying. 

5. Students aren’t allowed to eat ketchup in school. 

France officially banned the tomato condiment from all school and college cafeterias because of its high sugar content. They also imposed the rule that students can savour fries only once a week. Interestingly, school children are not allowed to bring home-prepared food to school in France. 

6. Students are allowed to use the washroom only three times per semester. 

Evergreen High School in Chicago limited the number of times a student is allowed to use the washroom. Yes, you read it right. This school allows its students to use the washroom only three times per semester so that they don’t miss their classes. In case, they do miss the class, they have to make up the missed teaching time post-school. 

7. A school banned students from running during recess in school. 

Remember how we used to jump with excitement as soon as the period bell used to ring in school? An unnamed school had imposed a ‘no running policy during school recess’ on its students. What? 

8. Students clean their own classrooms and washrooms in school. 

Cleaning your own classroom is a part of Japanese school education. Not only do they clean the classrooms, but also serve lunch and even clean the washrooms so that the students become responsible citizens as they grow up.

9. A school banned their students from using acronyms in their yearbooks. 

Birmingham Falls Elementary School in Milton made its students sign a pledge stating that they wouldn’t use acronyms like ‘LOL’ and ‘OMG’ when signing yearbooks. SMH! 

10. Students are banned from winning at school. 

This rule wins the ‘strangest school rule’ trophy! In order to stop anyone’s feelings from being hurt, schools in the UK banned winning. Instead, they give prizes to both winners so that the students are not pitted against each other. 

We bet now you don’t think your school was actually strict, do you?