Being a woman is not easy. Keeping aside the obvious thing, which is shooting a baby out of you, there are countless things women go through on a daily basis that would have men completely flipped out. Shopping for a strapless bra, a stray lock of hair after you just fixed your hair, trying to fit into your a year-old jeans, are some of the legit struggles of being a woman. These tiny struggles have been picked by the illustrator and comic artist, Angela Mary Vaz, and have been made into funny-but-all-too-relatable illustrations, that remind you that you’re not alone in surviving bad hair days and a dozen visits to the mall to find the perfect fit of jeans, but there are millions like you.

 We asked Angela what got her started in creating these sublime comics and she remarked,”I have been drawing since I was three and a job after graduating in Engineering, didn’t feel quite right. Once, someone asked me to create a logo and since then, I’ve been illustrating for a living. But it was tedious. I found it difficult to maintain my daily journal so I thought of creating a comic series just for fun by drawing inspiration from my day-to-day life. But a week later, I was hooked. People laughing at them, finding it so relatable, and being able to identify themselves as the character inspired me to take up this project seriously. And now, there’s no turning back. My comics have not only helped boost my career exponentially but have also allowed me to express myself in a fun, lighthearted way. Telling stories in the form of comics is so much fun, it’s a dream come true.”

If you’d to get a daily dose of her quirky illustrations, you can follow her Instagram account, straycurls for a gentle reminder that you’re not alone in this.

The horror when you stand in front of the mirror in the morning.

When you excited for your new haircut but end up missing your old hairdo instead.

You can’t function without caffeine.

 The wind aka enemy of your hair.

Online shopping: 8 out of 10 times, you feel cheated.

Yes. Your hair defies gravity.

This is why it takes you more than an hour to get ready for office.

When you’re asked,”Why do you only have an eyeliner and a lipstick in your bag?” Here’s why:

You go the trial room with ten tops but none fits you. 

You make or ditch plans according to your good or bad hair days.

How many times have you picked up an amazing-looking outfit and then cringe five seconds later?

You avoid some stores because helpers in there are super creepy.

When you try skinny jeans for the first time.

 The reason why wearing a beanie never seems like an exciting idea.

When you wonder why you’re always broke at the end of every month.

 Why sexy high-waisted jeans are so hard to find.

 The secret behind those wild curls.

 Why getting out during a bad weather is out of the question. 

 All images are sourced from Angela’s Instagram account