Valentines Day is a magical expression of your love, your commitment, your companionship, your mutual bond of trust and more. Regardless of your relationship dynamic, it’s a fun day spent with the person you adore, doing the things you enjoy. But in India, Valentines Day can take a grim turn. From protests to violence, the country continues to grapple with the idea of positive sexuality and bursts of intimacy.

The internet reveals the hardest part about celebrating Valentines Day in India:

1. Your parents won’t exactly support it. In fact, they may just start finding you rishtas instead.

Indian parents have a hard time accepting that their children are sexual beings with thoughts, feelings and desires. That is of course, until you’re married to a stranger, ideally of their choice.

2. Self-appointed guardians of tradition might beat you up

Indian religious groups parade around the country citing violence in exchange for distinguishing “western influence” on our mighty nation. It’s funny how romance is foreign, but apparently, brutality is considered Indian.

3. According to some Indians, Valentines Day is an excuse to push toxic ideology

Godman Asaram Bapu demands February 14th be legally changed to “Parents Worship Day.” Why? In an interview, Bapu revealed: “the idea is to give the youth an alternative to western culture, which is eating into our values, ” Ironically, the Saint is currently serving life imprisonment for raping a minor girl.

At Delhi University the male students belonging to the Anga Wing of boy’s hostel in St. Stephen’s take the sacred Angha oath on the night of Valentine’s Day to promote misogyny and male equality. No really, this is what the oath states

“We the people of ANGA, have solemnly resolved to constitute ANGA into a Paramount Egalitarian Fellowship and to secure to all its members Justice – Social, Sexual and Sentimental Liberty – to philander exclusively with men Equality – of status and opportunity and to promote among them all misogyny assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of ANGA Hail ANGA!”

4. The quest for a Valentine

…and the biggest hurdle to overcome, is securing a Valentine in the first place. 

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