“Just leaving, yaar. Will be there in a jiffy!”, he said unknowingly while starting his car. Little did he know that the roads had other plans for him.

You can beg to differ with me on this, but I think of traffic jams as one of God’s ways to show that he’s a power much higher than us. A power that can make us pay for our sins by leaving us stranded, amidst a sea of cars, on a highway, on a Friday, for hours and hours (yes Gurgaon people, I’m talking to you).

Here’s a quick test to figure out if it’s been happening to you way too often and if you need something like this to save you :

1. At work, after 4:00 PM, you spend most of your time just looking at the clock.

2. You’ve suddenly begun to realize the importance of every minute, every second that goes by.

3. You’re always checking Google Maps online and on your phone to figure out if there is a secret-traffic-free route that leads to your house.

4. You lose it pretty badly when the person travelling with you is late.

5. You ignore Whatsapp texts but never miss even a single traffic update message.

6. Because of all the time you spend stuck in your car, your self-introspection mode is always on.

7. Because of the FM channels, uncharacteristically, you’ve now started to hum cheesy Bollywood songs.

8. You’ve started to think that the incessant honking helps you in suppressing your frustration.

9. You’ve thought of starting a chain of restaurants that deliver to cars stuck in traffic jams.

10. In a parallel universe, you think of doing THIS.

11. Your friends have started making fun of your weird posture.

12. You will watch this gif at least 30 times.

13. You’ve started staying at home, even on weekends because…

13. You’ve started having nightmares of getting stuck in mile long unmoving jams from hell.

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14. Because of which your left foot twitches like it’s always on the clutch. Even at 3:00 AM.

Well, this won’t really be happening with you if you are driving the a smart city car like the Gen X Nano from Tata Motors . The car’s state-of-the-art Creep Mode and Automated Manual Transmission will make your drive smooth, both during rush hours and while you are zipping through the bumper to bumper traffic!

Feature Image: topnotchlearning.com.au

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