The Indian audience is quite impressionable, especially when it comes to advertisements. Over the years, ads have shown us a fair deal of nonsense. We have been fooled a lot. And like the fools they expect us to be, we have played right into their hands. So let’s sit back and take a close look at the ads we are subjected to everyday and really think about what these ads actually mean.

Here’s an insight that reveals 25 things that Indian ads have really taught us:

1. All leading actresses like Kareena & Katrina have dandruff and hair fall issues.

You’d think with all the money they earn, Kareena won’t have dandruff and Katrina won’t have a dry scalp or hair fall. What do they spend on?


2. Brands like Bacardi and Seagram’s only make music CDs, bottled water and golf accessories.

3. Your marriage can be in danger if you have a pretty wife and your neighbour uses certain deodorants.

The ‘Axe Effect’ can actually axe you out of your marriage.


4. Fair skin is more important that your post grad degree.

If you need a job. Just be fair, mate!


5. All dental brands are No. 1 and recommended by all dentists in our country.

Basically, just ‘brush’ aside any doubts about toothpastes. They’ll all make your teeth shine like halogen lights.


6. Also, you will never have goitre, because every toothpaste has salt.

You may get something due to excess of salt in your body though.


7. Jewellery can make extremely awkward couples fall in love after arranged marriages.

Because love bands have a secret formula. Especially the expensive ones.


8. Girls are more interested in a guy’s deodorant than anything else.

Deos are more effective than Tinder apparently.

9. All handwashes have an issue attaining that 0.1% extra to destroy germs.

They all kill 99.9% germs.


10. Soft drinks can bring the hero out in you.

Because darr ke aage jeet hai.


11. But some stars apparently don’t earn enough to buy one. So they prefer putting their lives at risk instead of spending 30 odd bucks.

You can taste the thunder of a fridge at home also, you don’t have to jump from helicopters.


12. Shampoos have more fruits and other ingredients than a mixed fruit juice.

Strawberry, mango, blueberry, grapes, falafel, shawarma se yukt.


13. Special effects in shampoo ads are ridiculously better than Hollywood movies.

If only the people who made Avatar hired these guys.

14. When you have a chocolate, you have to slather it all over your face first.


15. Hot girl coming out of the water is a synonym for good cement. Ohh sorry… Super Cement!

16. Mothers and daughters only talk about what hair products they use.

Forget what’s up in your life. Tell me your hair oil brand.


17. Paan masala can get you all the success you need in the world.

I wonder which one is Bill Gates’ favourite.


18. If your toilet isn’t clean, a TV crew will burst into your house and point their camera at your commode.


19. Lab coats = experts. No matter what the field is, they all wear lab coats.

It’s like they have a lab coat coven.


20. Better sanitary pads are your shortcut to confidence.


21. There are like 20 cars of the year.

Yeah, that helps me decide which one to buy.


22. Also, almost every SUV in the world can be used for off-roading. And also for smashing through walls.

Because why would you buy a car to drive in the city?


23. If it is snowing outside, just inners would do.

Sardi mein garmi ka ehsaas.


24. Mangoes can be sexy!



And, finally we can never forget this.


Yes, that is how you read it.