Usually, when you hear the word "inventor" you're pretty impressed with the person's abilities. You expect them to be rather intelligent and innovative to have come up with something that could have the potential for changing people's lives forever. But these inventions are really going to make you sit up and scratch your heads in confusion. What were these people thinking?

1. Potty Putter - A toilet time golf game

Apparently, some golfers just can't get enough of the game. The Potty-Putter kit comes with its own little putting green, cup and flag, putter and most importantly - a "Do Not Disturb!" sign to deter anyone from getting in the way of your practice. Talk about value for money!

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2. Shoe Umbrella - Umbrellas for your peep-toes

You know that feeling when you're wearing peep-toes or heels and it's raining, and your toes get completely soggy? Well, you can forget about that feeling with these bad babies. However unfortunately, your heels and ankles will still have to fend for themselves.

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3. Butter Stick - A glue stick for your toasts

This one is for the times when you're too tired to grab a knife and put some butter on your toast. Here, take a Butter Stick and channel your inner three year old self.

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4. Wheelmate - Attachable steering wheel work desk

This "ergonomic, comfortable and efficient" workdesk is for those of you who love to multitask. Now, not only can you drive your car, but you can also finish your presentation on your way to office. What a simple, fuss-free accident proof life! NOT.

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5. USB Pet Rock - Your constant inanimate companion

Well, what if I told you that you could have a pet that doesn't need care, food or monitoring? It needs no time investment, no attention and it doesn't even poop! An out and out zero maintenance pet that'll never leave your side. Imagine that! Now imagine, that pet with a USB cable attached.

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6. The Phone Finger - The perfect smudge-guard for your touchscreens

What do you do when your prized touchscreen is completely covered with smudgy little prints from your sweaty fingers? Well, duh! You spend a fortune on buying customised, latex, black finger gloves. Anybody who said "wipe the screen" deserves to be stripped of their phones right now. Seriously, show some loyalty and class!

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7. Kitty Wigs - Wigs for your beloved kitten

Let's face it, your cat can't possibly have enough hair on her body. There's no such thing as too much hair. Besides, imagine the amount of glamour the wig is going to add to her overall look. Trust me, she'll appreciate the gesture.

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8. Baby Mop - Get your baby to clean the house

According to the website, this is a brilliant way to drill some work ethics into your baby's mind early on. Plus, he/she'll get a great workout from the chores and keep at it all day long. Now, with no cleaning and no entertaining a baby; you're bound to have some extra time in your hands!

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9. Portable Private TV Theater - The ultimate viewer's experience

Erm...what could possibly go wrong with a hat that allows you to stick your phone really, really close to your eyes and allows you "complete privacy", right? Go ahead, pick one up and enjoy some quality hands free, private viewing time (ahem!).


10. Hats With Hair - For the days when Himesh Reshammiya is your hero

There are days when you don't want people to see your bad haircut, and then there are days when you JUST don't want people to see it. For those days, keep this hat handy.

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11. Air-conditioned Shoes - take your "portable A.Cs" to the next level

The next time SRK comes on TV asking "kahan gaya mera portable A.C" you'll have your answer ready. Just don't take these shoes anywhere close to water. Or mud. Or you know, anything particularly dirty.

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12. Selk'bag - A sleeping bag you can walk around in

if you're a sleepwalker camping out in the open, you have reasons to rejoice. This sleeping bag proves that you can have the cake and eat it too! Only problem is, walking with a big fat sleeping bag around you might just wake you up.

13. Chopstick Fan - A fan to cool your noodles down

Sometimes, you're so lazy you can't even blow on your noodles. The chopstick fan is your friend. Only thing is, I'm not sure I'm ready to pick up something that heavy just for the purpose of eating my noodles. Meh, too lazy.

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14. Remote head strap - Keep all your remotes at an arm's reach

Here's a nifty way of keeping all your remotes handy and close by, and your jaws shut tight. But who cares, when the remotes are in your control, right?

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15. Screen Privacy Hood - The ultimate protection from prying eyes

No one needs to know what you're doing on your computer, and you surely need to be cut off from the rest of the world to concentrate. Only problem? Your ears are still open, and you will totally hear all the jokes people make at your expense.

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16. Subway Chin Rest Stand - A whole new way to hold up your head

Trust the Japanese to come up with the strangest of ideas. This invention is for those unlucky souls who travel by the metro, don't get a seat, and have zero strength in their spines. Luckily for you, this chin rest stand has your back (literally).

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17. Personal Rain Saver - Keep dry and save water the next time it rains

This is a brilliant way to let your environmentalist side loose on the people around you. This umbrella is upside down, by purpose! Not only does it save you from the rains, a little pipe at the bottom collects all the water that lands on it into a jar behind your back. What you'll do with all that water, is quite beyond me.

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18. Banana Slicer - The best way to cut up your banana

No really. Think about it, what are you going to do when you need your bananas cut in clear little slices and all the knives in your kitchen are dirty?

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19. Handerpants - Underwear for your hands

Face it, you guys! It's hardly fair to roam around with your sweaty, dirty, squirmy palms in full public view. Show some decency and put on a pair of Handerpants!

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20. Spinning Hat Emergency Toilet Paper Roll - SOS tissues, on the go

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is one of them. This toilet paper hat is for those times when you're so sick with a runny nose, or worse - loose motions, that you can't imagine living apart from your favourite roll of toilet paper. What could possibly be better than roaming around with your roll of tissues on your head?

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