The world is a funny place. It becomes funnier when people start to speak their minds. Like those funny user reviews we read on e-commerce and cashback sites. If you thought those were funny, you probably haven’t checked Quora out yet!

Question-and-answer sites have become a hub for entertainment as well. Sometimes we wonder how the human brain can function so stupid. Nevertheless, anything that is entertaining is excused, even if it borders on complete nonsense!

Here’s a compilation of some of the hilarious yet brainless questions that were asked on Quora. Prepare to laugh your heart out!

1. When you run out of items to eat at home.

2. The troubles of being a nerd.

3. Welcome to the I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T

4. Someone SERIOUSLY needs education!

5. Depends on where they are from, I think!

6. For the love of programming.

7. Calling Blue Cross…

8. That’s enough Internet for today!

9. Come on, is this even a question?

10. Stay hilarious. Stay stupid.

Stupidity can be communicable too!