We love watching Hollywood films. And why just Hollywood movies? In fact, we love watching world cinema. And thank God for subtitles. We don’t have to watch the film with a shitty dubbed voice-over that squeezes out all the emotion with an over-dramatic rendition. Subtitles rock!

But sometimes, the subtitles aren’t that helpful. Either they become too literal, or…well, too stupid. Check out these subtitles that were just having a really bad day.

1. That’s funny. You’re funny.

I wish

2. Intensity, bitch!

Funny Junk

3. Yeh baal dhoop mein safed nahin hue hain.


4. Oh deer!


5. The struggle is real.

Rajshri Tamil
Rajshri Tamil

6. Bow before me!

Pix Good

7. Yeh andar ki baat hai.

Bollywood Bakwas

8. Just ‘chilli’, dude!

Pix Shark

9. Talk about calculated emotions.

Drunken Chekhov

10. Watching tennis in surround sound. Literally.

That’s so meme

11. Tears know no language. Or do they?


12. Thanks for the info.

Irish mirror

13. That’s eggtually disgusting!

Every God damn user name is taken

14. I’m Spiderman! No wait! I’m Doberman!


15. I might be looking calm, but I am…

Carolina Ramirez

16. Make up your mind!


17. Ummm…I guess I’ll pass.

Ben Friedland

18. Yes. I’m a triple threat.

Dust FC

19. Such intensity. Much wow.

Bro my God

20. I’m so sad I’m enjoying myself.


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