We love watching Hollywood films. And why just Hollywood movies? In fact, we love watching world cinema. And thank God for subtitles. We don't have to watch the film with a shitty dubbed voice-over that squeezes out all the emotion with an over-dramatic rendition. Subtitles rock!

But sometimes, the subtitles aren't that helpful. Either they become too literal, or...well, too stupid. Check out these subtitles that were just having a really bad day.

1. That's funny. You're funny.

Source: I wish

2. Intensity, bitch!

Source: Funny Junk

3. Yeh baal dhoop mein safed nahin hue hain.

Source: Memsaab

4. Oh deer!

Source: Paagal

5. The struggle is real.

Source: Rajshri Tamil
Source: Rajshri Tamil

6. Bow before me!

Source: Pix Good

7. Yeh andar ki baat hai.

Source: Bollywood Bakwas

8. Just 'chilli', dude!

Source: Pix Shark

9. Talk about calculated emotions.

Source: Drunken Chekhov

10. Watching tennis in surround sound. Literally.

Source: Thuper
Source: That's so meme

11. Tears know no language. Or do they?

Source: Jlawshusband

12. Thanks for the info.

Source: Irish mirror

13. That's eggtually disgusting!

Source: Every God damn user name is taken

14. I'm Spiderman! No wait! I'm Doberman!

Source: JC_Green

15. I might be looking calm, but I am...

Source: Carolina Ramirez

16. Make up your mind!

Source: Piximus

17. Ummm...I guess I'll pass.

Source: Ben Friedland

18. Yes. I'm a triple threat.

Source: Dust FC

19. Such intensity. Much wow.

Source: Bro my God

20. I'm so sad I'm enjoying myself.

Source: Reddit

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