Nobody likes to work on a Monday. Wait. Lemme re-phrase that. Nobody wants to work. It’s just that it feels more dreadful to come to work on a Monday. What to do? Paapi pet ka sawal hai.

But worry not. Iss dukh ki ghadi mein hum aapke saath hain. Check out these hilarious tweets and images that’ll lighten up your face and drive away those Monday blues.

1. Do dino ke off ke baad, kaam aur bhi zyaada lagta hai.


2. Had fun during the weekend? Good. Cause you’ll be staring at Excel sheets for the rest of the week. Mark my WORD.


3. The weekend always seems to have gone by so quickly! You’re so not ready for Monday yet!


4. Everytime you think Monday will go smoothly, you’re immediately proven wrong.


5. No sooner does the weekend get over, than Monday reveals itself! Without a warning!


6. Feeling happy that you have no work on Monday? Rest assured it’ll all come in a bulk. Right when you’re about to leave.


7. And the worst part is that Monday just doesn’t seem to end!

8. You have to meet the same people you’d been trying to forget during the weekend.


9. Walking into the office on Mondays be like…


10. Let’s face it. After a weekend, Monday hits you like a freight train.



11. You hate it when the alarm goes off.


12. You have to literally drag yourself out of the bed.



13. And you stay grumpy throughout the day.


14. Sometimes you wish you could politely ask Monday to fuck off.


15. But like it or not, Monday WILL come back every week to haunt you.

It’s the darkest before the dawn, people. Monday too shall pass. Just hang in there.