Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m drowning in sweat. Dekh mera mooh.

1. When you discover new sweat glands each day.

2. Burning. Butt is burning.

3. Koi mujhe A/C dila do.

4. Just gonna stand there, watch me burn.

5. When you wear shorts for relief but regret it later anyway.

6. When your face screams in protest.

7. And can’t take the heat any more.

8. Just another day in the life of a Delhiite.

9. Grooming and summer are not the best of friends.

10. When it feels like the sun is directly aligned over Delhi.

11. Summer, Y U no let me be pretty?

12. I love you, bae, but don’t touch me.

13. One car ride. Aaannd… I’m Two-Face.

14. Baking up in the morning to this nightmare.

15. There are heat waves inside my organs.

16. I wish there were A/C roads.

17. Discovering more sweat glands by the minutes.

18. BRB. Just making a short trip to hell.

19. Accurate picture of me, every summer evening.

20. Pretty sure God points at Delhi and says “Dracarys!”.


Design Credits: Nupur Agarwal