While memes have become the language of love, 'life hacks' have redefined the way we live. And even in today's times during the COVID-19 outbreak, people have come up with life hacks to help us get through this.

Here are some super creative ways in which people are dealing with the outbreak.Β 

1. Workstation upgrade!Β 

2. "Dekho, magar door se..."

3. Pure genius!Β 

4. My mom would do this.Β 

5. What else will you use your drone for?

6. How dare this outbreak threaten their kitty parties?

7. About time.

8. Throwback: Music and chairs.

9. Still doesn't give you a reason to hoard toilet paper, though.Β 

10. Wow, but stay at home!Β 

Take tips people! All in all, wash your hands, stay and home, and stay safe.Β